Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Puppy Care and Natural Puppy Food Tips

If you are planning to purchase your first puppy, it is essential to know the type of dog fits you and your lifestyle, the things you would use in taking care of them and the type of food and amount of care and attention you should give your new family member. If you do not know what to feed your puppies, natural puppy food would be the best. Why? Read through.

If you have just decided to add a new family member, you should make sure that the puppy you are getting is the right breed for you. You should consider the type of coat (if it suits the climate in your area), its’ size, and the time you would like to spend on taking care of them. You should also remember that never, ever purchase a puppy that is younger than 8-weeks old. Puppies are weaned at 8-weeks and would be very unhealthy for them to be taken away from their mother earlier.

Also, it is essential to do your shopping first before you take them home. Your shopping list should include metal bowls (these do not chip and stay cleaner), a comfortable puppy bed, indestructible toys that are big enough not to be swallowed, grooming tools, a harness and a tag. Lastly, remember to feed your puppy three times a day and bathe him at least once a week.

If you’re a new puppy owner, knowing when your puppy is sick can be quite a challenge.  Symptoms like diarrhea, vomiting, or if your puppy is not eating like he used to, these may be signs of a minor problem, or something much bigger. To add, there are a few serious – fatal infectious diseases that your new companion could catch, so it is essential to have him/her vaccinated.

Natural Puppy Food

Selecting the right food for your puppy is the most important of all. This will define how close he or she will get to his/her breed’s maximum potential. The best puppy food you can give your pet is the one you have prepared yourself, although this can be time consuming, and even more if you are just new in taking care of dogs. You have to read through dozens of reading materials before you know the correct ingredients and amounts for your young companion. Though there are a lot of natural puppy food brands out there that offer decent-superior puppy feed so you can feed your pet instantly and without the hassle of going through reading and learning. Here are some brands that you may wish to look at when buying your natural puppy food: Natural Balance puppy food, Natural Choice, Natural Life puppy food and Nutra Pro dog food.